About 4Ward 2Gether

We started back in 2014

Ian Rennie and Sandy Brown of St Kentigern's Church took part in a visit to Belfast and to the Corrymeela Community. The trip included the TST (Tackling Sectarianism Together) Team and other people from different communities involved with TST. After the visit, they were asked what will they do when they get back to their communities? And they answered honestly "We don't know, but we WILL do something!"

In September that year, John Ithell met with John Houston and they decided on a plan of action and starting in 2015 they got in touch with local councils and schools and produced their first concert 'Nil by mouth' with pupils from St Joseph's and James Hamilton Academies. In 2017 the buzz around our events was incredible and we maintain this level of quality.

As a voluntary group, 4Ward 2Gether reached out to the communities, school and councils and have produced a whole range of events, trips, talks and music concerts tackling many of the issues that face our youth, communities and overall society from the past and the present.

The 4Ward 2Gether group are underpinned by the motive of 'Diversity and Inclusion' encompassing a wide spectrum of tolerance of religion, race, gender and sexuality.

With the help of fund raising and assistance from government, schools and councils, we continue to promote our message and build on the success we have had and the incredible feedback from the minds we have changed and the people we have helped!